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Specialty Coffee Roaster, Adelaide South Australia. Premium Organic, Microlot, and Estate coffee. Cold Drip Cold Brew & Cocktail Coffee. Small batch roasted and brewed.

Home, Office, and Wholesale Café supply.

Specialty Coffee, South Australia

Specialty coffee roasters. Premium Organic, Single Origin, Microlot, Estate coffee. Cold Drip and Mighty Mix Cocktail Coffee, Small batch roasted and brewed in Gumeracha, Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Free shipping on all orders with 500g or more beans! Home, Office, and Wholesale café supply.

Ethiopia Banti Nenka Microlot

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Ethiopia Banti Nenka Microlot

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Chocolate milkshake with a strawberry finish, amazing fruit. One of those coffees that set a palate benchmark for flavour and elegance.

Choose filter or espresso roast profile:

'Filter' roast profile – best for paper and cloth filter brew methods & bright, fruity Cold Brew.

'Espresso' roast profile - best for espresso, stovetop, strong flavoured plunger & rich, strong Cold Brew.

Roast Profile:
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Origin:  Guji Zone Kercha District

Producer: Select small holder farms

Elevation: 1,900 – 2,200 MASL

Varietals:  Indigenous Heirloom

Process:  Hand picked, natural sundried

Prep: Grade 1 hand sorted, packed in Grain Pro bags.

This remarkable coffee is high grown in the Guji Zone carfefuly sorted and selected by small holder farmers. In total, the estimated growing area is around 70, 600 hectares of which 31,000 hectares are coffee trees.

Banti Nenka has the fruitiness that we all expect from Guji coffees but at a level of intensity and refinement not often found. Coffee is processed at the Banti Nenka Mill, the careful monitoring and quality controls are reflected by the clean, bright flavours.