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Specialty Coffee Roaster, Adelaide South Australia. Premium Organic, Microlot, and Estate coffee. Cold Drip Cold Brew & Cocktail Coffee. Small batch roasted and brewed.

Home, Office, and Wholesale Café supply.

Coffee Gear - South Australia

Specialty coffee roasters. Premium Organic, Single Origin, Microlot, Estate coffee. Cold Drip and Mighty Mix Cocktail Coffee, Small batch roasted and brewed in Gumeracha, Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Free shipping on all orders with 500g or more beans! Home, Office, and Wholesale café supply.

Bruer Cold Brew Coffee System


Bruer Cold Brew Coffee System


Drip by drip Cold Bruer's slow hypnotic process unmasks the natural sweetness, and full-bodied origin flavors of any coffee you brew. Slow drip methodology eliminates the risk of over extraction, a common issue with full immersion cold brewing.

Available in Blue or Red.

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-  Cold Bruer makes up to 600mls of cold brew concentrate in 4 to 12 hours.
-  Materials: Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel, Food-Grade Silicone
-  Set it up and let it go without the risk of over extraction. Start brewing before bed or work.
-  With an adjustable drip rate you can experiment to make the perfect coffee for you.
-  Includes 100 paper filters (same size as the Aeropress)

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